The White Stuff

Was the first snowfall once cause for excitement? Was it a reason to gaze out of the window, entranced by magical dreams of winter beauty? Face it, gurl, you live in a country where this stuff will haunt you for about six months every year. First times for anything can be magical, mysterious, memorable, or miserable. Snow or not, a walk outside always does me good. Here are a few surprises from yesterdays slog through the slush

Snow lizards make their annual appearance

These creatures emerge in my local park. Never see them in summer!

A sighting last year just before spring

Of course tamer creatures show up too. This chubby bird might have a hard time with lift off.

Settling in for winter

By the time I met my goal of 10k steps evening was making its early appearance. Fruit, snow and streetlight – quite the combination

I wonder if that white bird would like a snack?

Of course one can always opt for the basics. This one is a classic, a witness to wet mitts and calls for hot chocolate!

Snowy needs to work on his abs methinks!

Keep on Walking

Snow dragon

It was cold today -17 but as you see it was sunny and there was no wind. I had seen a few quirky snow sculptures over the past few weeks but this one was really special!

I don’t know who made them but they are so much fun!

Moma Bear

And here is a duck? It sure is encouraging me to walk!

I would love to run into whomever makes them!

Boxing Day

Turkeys who got away
A Snow Cat presided over the park

I like Boxing Day. There’s a relaxed feel to it that suits me. Walking through the park close to my home I noticed a group of turkeys. This is the first year I’ve seen in our park. It’s a true city park and I really wonder how they came here. There are big boulevards that surround it so I can’t imagine them crossing over. Two true city dogs were looking at them without even barking or tugging at the leash. I certainly wasn’t going to get too close. I preferred the company of this guard cat, sitting up on the parapet of the pond.