image.jpgTo my bewildered friends who will read  these posts on Facebook, I am following the “daily posts” of WordPress.  They choose the topics and I have to write to topic.  I missed yesterday because the Internet connection in this neck of the woods is sometimes ” gone”

Goodbye beauty, goodbye youth,

Goodbye lovers, suave and uncouth.

Goodbye money in a finance crash.

Goodbye candles a a birthday bash.

Goodbye career and a book  I wrote,

hardly sold any, that got my goat.

Houses and cars, they’re all gone,

Clothes of leather  and of chiffon.

I’ve lost lots of things, people too,

now just hang on, don’t want to lose you!

Some lessons I’ve learned from what’s come and gone.

I learned from Mary  and I learned from John.

Listen with care, take a careful look.

and whatever you do…..hide the chequebook!