Return to “ normal”

After weeks and weeks of walking an average of 20 kilometres a day I suppose it is “normal” to feel restless. There are things I must do. I have to shop for food, take my jacket to the cleaners, take care of my plants before snow comes. To be fair I am surrounded by beauty here just as I was in Spain

In the park around the corner

The trouble is I know this place too well. Also, I can get away with just sitting on my couch. I don’t have to worry about where I’ll sleep.

When I walk on the street or sit in the Metro I want to say “ good morning” to people as I did for so many weeks. They’d think I was mad. Isn’t it more mad to sit in a Metro car where every single person is hunched over his or her phone. Not one head was raised. How surprised that teenaged boy would have been if I had followed my impulse and took him by the scruff of the neck and and yelled “ wake up, kid! Your life is ticking away. Go and do one thing that has nothing to do with a screen!”

None of my business, right? Run the vacuum, make a cake for the kids, get the gas fire sorted. No more walking for now. Be “ normal”.Thank heaven for those kids who will be here tomorrow and will expect tacos. Get on it Granny!

At the River