Aaand this is how things change!

Obstacles don’t all have horns


This cow – I’m pretty sure it was a cow – blocked my path yesterday but I managed to bypass her! Less easy to get past is a nagging hip pain. In spite of a wonderful walk yesterday ( mostly) the walk along the roads are fearsome! I decided to take a bus/train/something? and get myself to Santiago where I even managed to book a bed for pouring today and I’m not walking!

Above Barcelos
Spring beauty
Supper at the alberge last night

Eight days, but who’s counting?

I found my precious tiny sleeping bag by searching in three messy closets. I found my precious hospitalera scarf by poking around in my poetry notes ( what was it doing there?) My task for today is to book a train ticket from Lisbon to Porto and to figure out how to get from the Lisbon airport to my first night’s loging. It seems that Portuguese sites don’t like Canadian postal codes.

Important items!

So, it’s really happening. The last couple of weeks have been so charged, so full of errands, of important things that really had to be done like filing my taxes, a dental procedure, other medical appointments, researching and buying travel insurance, oh, I know how boring it all sounds but it would be a hell of a lot more boring if I didn’t do these things. To top it off the condo association scheduled the yearly meeting for the evening before I leave!

More important, and more heartwarming has been the many visits and invitations of my friends, my brother, my grandkids. Now if I could just figure out which of the three Portuguese routes would be best.

I still haven’t got the train ticket…. but I will get it!