Dread November

The full moon

I saw a wonderful quote -where else, on Facebook – that reminded us that photos of the moon, or sunsets or dawns never really capture the beauty of these wonders. It went on to tell us that we should remember this when we look at old pictures of ourselves and “ hate “ them. So, we are more beautiful and transcendent and inspiring than those awkward snaps. Consoling, isn’t it?

I had hoped to send a picture of the full moon from my balcony to a site called “ view from my window” but really! Compared to some of the splendour or cosiness or lush beauty S ome people look at, mine is very banal. I know, I know, practice thankfulness. Most of the time I do and I really feel it….but…. dark at 4 pm, snow yesterday and freezing rain today’

Yes, rambling! So here is a beautiful image down by the river just to cheer myself up