Did someone say mouse?

IMG_7070In the middle of a mysterious manipulation with the well pump the alarm was raised. Two mice had sneaked in and were skittering around in the house. Who knew we had so many mouse, not to mention rat traps? Well, it is the country, I suppose. There is even a sinister sort of box trap in which, I am told, a rabid racoon was once caught. That whole episode ailienated the neighbor’s cat to such an extent that to this day he refuses to come near Joe’s house. The dog has no such qualms and begs shamelessly at the door. Setting the traps is a nerve wracking business as they naturally enough tend to snap at clumsy fingers. Joe’s theory is that traps must be set in a sort of starburst formation so that if a mouse manages to steal the bait without tripping the trap, he will be caught as he steps backward. This calculation of mouse choreography seemed such a specialized knowledge that I was quite convinced that we would soon hear a volley of trap snaps.

It was not to be. The mice, apparently knowing what was good for them,escaped into the lush grass of early summer. Good thing too as neither of us was up to disposing of anything we might have caught.

Back to the water pump!