Music in the Subway


In the glorified tunnel that moves thousands of people around the city every day, a few souls bring their instruments and play.  Over the wave of sound that never crests come notes of music.  The silvery sounds of a South American harp cut through the trudging footsteps of workers, students, shoppers.  The musician’s dark head inclines over the strings, his hands move quickly to bring forth silvery dance music of a sweet melody.  He beams when I ask if I can take his picture and as I turn to go he bends back into his instrument and the music floats out into the hall.  The accordian player has been performing in the Concordia Metro station for years.  He plays popular tunes but sometimes I hear what sound like old Soviet waltzes and folk tunes in a minor key.  Almost everyone passes by without a glance but I smile as I see their stride fall in with the beat of the music.  Thank you gentlemen, for beautifying the day.