Little Mexican mysteries


Today just a few scenes from a fine day walking around the city.  Besides the lovely colonial architecture which has been preserved in San Miguel we often see something pretty to catch the eye.  I love this piñata high over one of the streets leading from the central garden.  Don’t know who will be able to find a stick long enough to break that one.  In a shop that specialized in paper mâché figure piñatas, I saw a Donald Trump one.  But this a post about beautiful and intreiging things so I’ll leave that alone!

Yesterday there was was a book fair in another of the squares, close to the bus terminal.  All the boks were in Spanish and I had a pleasant few minutes resisting the temptation to buy a poetry book.  I have discovered the South American poets  and think I should stick to studying them in English first!  I wonder if someone could translate the poster for me.  I think I have the first part worked out but the end eludes me. Come on readers, help me out here!

I love the little shop of fruits and vegetables stacked up in a stairway.  It is this sort of ingeniouity that is lost in Northern societies, perhaps.  You can see a picture of the knife grinder on his bike too.  For a while I was puzzled by a shrill whistle I heard every so often.  Then I realized it was the knife and scissors sharpener who called his customers this way.  He goes around on a bike and when he has a blade to sharpen, fixes the wheels and turns the grindstone by pedalling.  I am always a little shy of taking people’s pictures when they are working….others not so, as you see.

This much for today and more observations to follow.

The poster says,” La poesie debe ser un poco secca para que arda bien y de este mondo iluminaries y calendarnos.