The city is robed in green

At last

The winter was long and dark. Spring was a poor,cold thing but in her last few days she has redeemed herself. She whispers, shamefaced, “You complained of the rain, but look now at what it brought you.”

Green life springing from the dead

Last years reeds are overtaken by new life. Red-winged blackbirds, finches, robins, ducks, all relieved at last to feel sun on their feathers, to turn all their energy to new life.

Fine leaves of the Willow

Turned from the delicate yellow of a few weeks ago. Yellow that hardly covered the fine twigs and branches, now brand-new sappy green!

Honeysuckle and some unknown white flower

Elbowing Spring out of the way before she even has a chance to take a full breath – showy Summer never waiting her turn

The little stream in its green bed

when I turn towards home, bidding me on my way as it hurries to its business with the great river a little way off. “Good evening, good green evening” it wishes me and I leave the green park for another time.