The White Stuff

Was the first snowfall once cause for excitement? Was it a reason to gaze out of the window, entranced by magical dreams of winter beauty? Face it, gurl, you live in a country where this stuff will haunt you for about six months every year. First times for anything can be magical, mysterious, memorable, or miserable. Snow or not, a walk outside always does me good. Here are a few surprises from yesterdays slog through the slush

Snow lizards make their annual appearance

These creatures emerge in my local park. Never see them in summer!

A sighting last year just before spring

Of course tamer creatures show up too. This chubby bird might have a hard time with lift off.

Settling in for winter

By the time I met my goal of 10k steps evening was making its early appearance. Fruit, snow and streetlight – quite the combination

I wonder if that white bird would like a snack?

Of course one can always opt for the basics. This one is a classic, a witness to wet mitts and calls for hot chocolate!

Snowy needs to work on his abs methinks!

Having faith


image                                          image




Today the first snow
At first sight a gasp of surprise, the white
Joy at the change of season
Change that is so hard to love and to accept

Yesterday, caring for the garden
One of the last days of autumn sun
The leaves raked and bagged
Looking around the garden at plants still valiant
Green, even blooming
Heedless of the snow to come that night

For my winter tomorrows
I noticed and put away
For long days
Of cold, snow, sleet, darkness
The buds of lilac ready to bloom
In Spring