Sun in Winter

Glistening at the top of the spire

This picture is taken from the top of the little hill just where Old Montreal starts. It is almost a week old. That’s unusual for me. Usually if I like an image I use it the same day. I’ve been busy with many sad and difficult moments this week and so I never used it. I don’t know the name of that church but the shining top of the spire caught my eye. it was mid afternoon and now with the agonizingly slow lengthening of days I am starting to notice things like this. Today it was bitterly cold and yet the sun was strong enough to melt snow on steps and sidewalks. I took one walking pole to get to the gym.

Still very cold

I’m still glad of my faithful coat that keeps out wind and cold. Things are glittery around us and I suppose we have to find the glittery parts inside too. It is not original to say living is a mystery but it is as true as breath. It is late and this is a mixed up post. I will do better tomorrow.