They let me out… the yard

I’m still in Covid jail but whether they let me or not, I walk in the huge park next to my house. I cannot stay in the house. That’s why winter is so hard for me. Don’t worry, I follow the rules – I go alone. I never speak to anyone – well, there was that guy practicing his violin but I stayed really far away. But really, how often do you see a guy practicing his violin in the park? I’ve only ever seen someone practicing the bagpipes. He was a wise man!

This woman had the right idea. The weather is great – not too hot and a bit windy. I was glad Canada Day passed off without any nonsense up in Ottawa. I spend my days on the balcony in the boughs of a delicately leavy tree nursing my sunflower and some other seedlings that are surprisingly popping up in pots.

Elder blossoms in the Park

Reminds me of my dad making elder wine and all the bottles popped in the side-board cupboard. Granny was cross!

Good for butterflies

All is blooming and soon I will get out of this Purdah … I hope!