Back Home

Container Ships in the port of Vancouver

After a wonderful month with my daughter, Elizabeth, I am back at home in Montreal. It was fun to share the cooking and shopping, to go on expeditions together and to sit reading or watching a movie in the evenings.

The Hunters’ Moon

The fall moon was spectacular and the days full of sights I can never find here. We went whale watching on a perfectly calm sea and we’re privileged to see hump-backed whales, sea lions and harbour seals.

Autumn crocus in dry grass
Salmon struggling upstream

Yes, the grass is very dry and the salmon may not make it upstream. There is a drought on the Island. For the thirty days I was there, it only rained a little once in the night and for an hour or so on a morning when I took the bus into town. This in an area designated a northern rain forest. Time to put on my activist hat and to gird my sword on my thigh. Time to bother my MP again. Time to fight for nature!