An eventful day

At my window box

A hummingbird just visited me. He visited my flowers really but it still felt like a cheery reminder of how many wonderful things can happen to me. No, they don’t just “ happen”. Most of them … I make happen. If I hadn’t planted and watered the flowers, the hummingbird would not have shown up. Where did he come from? I live in a condo, one in a whole set of condo blocks . Not much in the way of gardens or blooms here. It is true that a large and beautiful park is right on my doorstep but it is green, rather than floral . So, the hummingbird was a little miracle.

It’s official!

Another wonderful thing happened today. I was officially accepted as a hospitalera by the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. In a beautiful setting on the Ottawa River I finished my training in how to greet pilgrims, how to manage an albergue, how to give back to the Camino de Santiago that gave me so much . A happy day!