At the Airport

Musing over my day. At around noon I could no longer stay in my house… jitters.,, so I went for a walk in the park. What a fun job, I thought as two young ladies wrangled dogs and took them for their walk.

The soon-to- be great escape

It is less fun I am sure when one doggie gives them the slip. As I sat on a bench having a little rest a cross between a border collie and a Bernese came galloping by dragging his lead and plastic handle behind him. He resisted my calls and coaxing but up ahead was the pack. They seemed very glad to see him, barking and wagging their tails. He turned out to be a tease, standing off in a snowbank while one lady held all the other leads and one offered treats. Like most of us, he surrendered his freedom for a measly reward. A little adventure for doggie today.


This cat, also on a leash, would not even deign to look at me so I went home to debate ( again!) the merits of a fleece jacket. It was 20 degrees in Lisbon today and I don’t think it will get much cooler so I ditched it.

Hours early as usual

Waiting to board and then sleep, I hope. Next stop Lisbon!