Catalpa blossoms


This is such an ugly tree for much of the year but when it comes into leaf and bloom (almost simultaneously) it is stunning. I love the pale color of the leaves and the white blossoms that are like orchids. They don’t last long but when they fall they drop onto cars and sidewalks like a careless blessing. They remind me of people who we think of as unattractive but who suddenly put forth some beauty that takes us by surprise.

PS. Someone has given birth to a kitten in my storage under the balcony. I only hear one high pitched meow from time to time so I hope it is only one. Whatever it is, it will make getting the lawn mower out a bit of a problem.

Catalpa trees






There are many of these trees in my neighbourhood.  This is the first one that has bloomed.  The white flowers that are to me exactly like orchids cover the trees in early summer for such a short time…a week at most.  Then they fall and cover the sidewalks, the cars, the lawns.  For the rest of the year they are ordinary trees, their leaves rather pale green and in winter they are unattractive with their long “bean pods” that are their way of shedding seedlings.  Icy winds rattle their twisted branches and the pods eventually fall off.  Only now, in June are catalpas like young fresh brides adorned with these lovely blossoms.  Bless the city worker who thought these would be a good idea.