She’s Here!



Spring, I mean.  So happy, so relieved, so invigorated! My snowdrops are out.  My crocuses are out and the bees are out.  I was amazed to see three busy bees hovering around my little purple crocuses.  We’ve had terrible rainy and grey weather for at least a week so I wonder where on earth they were holed up.  Today, being Palm Sunday, of course, things are pretty Springy and hopeful  Now comes Holy Week with its many long and beautiful services to sing.  Right in the middle of it is Passover too and so I will be enjoying a nice Seder on Tuesday evening with my dear dear friend.  Every season is beautiful and I usually love the one I’m in, but Spring really is special.  Hmmm.  Winter is good but a bit of a hanger on.  He should learn to leave on time. Bees, chase him off for good!