Keep on Walking

Snow dragon

It was cold today -17 but as you see it was sunny and there was no wind. I had seen a few quirky snow sculptures over the past few weeks but this one was really special!

I don’t know who made them but they are so much fun!

Moma Bear

And here is a duck? It sure is encouraging me to walk!

I would love to run into whomever makes them!

Back on Track

Long winter shadows

It is very cold and last weekend we had quite a lot of snow. In the park near my home the trails are almost deserted. In fact, as long as there is no wind it is lovely to walk in the brilliant sunshine. At noon it is about -15 and I got quite hot marching around the lake with my hiking poles. I am trying to train a bit. If Covid dies down I might try the Portuguese Camino. Got to keep moving!