Look and learn

These pictures were taken after my “training” yesterday in the beautiful early evening light. I found clumps of wildflowers and noticed that some petals of the wild daisies were falling. The white flowers (help me out with a name, readers) were changing into seed pods and that chestnut trees were starting to form their prickly pods. I love the soft protection for shiny chestnuts inside these protective coverings. Not yet, not yet, I know. It is early days but all these signs mean that summer has peaked and that soon we will notice days a little shorter and other subtle signs that fall is on its way.

The park was still full of the cries of baseball players, young families out with their baby carriages and folks walking their dogs in the cooler evening air. Yes, it’s still summer, but something has turned, tilted and we are no longer in the full bloom phase.

Yesterday was the feast of St. James and there was a huge festival complete with fireworks in Santiago. I’m not much on big crowds or fireworks so I’m glad my own pilgrimage will end sometime in October when things will be cooler in all ways. As I ramp up my training, take better care of my diet and start to sort through my wardrobe (aka rags) for suitable items to take, I’m happy to embrace the reality of the changing atmosphere. Certainly, blazing hot days are not my favorite anyway and observing nature that never questions, never complains, endures, survives, I realize I have plenty to learn.

This week will be one of “ten hills” every day and checking the mailbox obsessively for my new passport. Buen Camino everyone!