On Hornby Island

At Tribune Bay
Can I Help You?

Today we took two ferries to get to Hornby Island. There are many small islands off Vancouver Island and we went to explore Tribune Bay and the forest and bluffs nearby. The ferries are small – one is a cable ferry that is pulled across the channel to Denham Island. We tried to do this expedition on the Victoria Day weekend but it was too busy to get a spot on the second ferry. A cloudy mid-week day allowed us to complete the second jump and enjoy quiet time in the deep green woods and along the pristine bay.

Natural shell Garden

The shells and wildflowers were beautiful and perhaps best of all – there were hardly any other people. Am I turning into a misanthrope? No, but sometimes quiet and space are the great treasures of our age.

There were other critters to greet like this deer, a snake and some sea eagles. A couple of ponies were enjoying their trot along the beach too.

No Idea What this is
Baby pine cones

Some of the flowers were unknown to me. It is a treat to come across a species that is mysterious in its special allure. The trees are wonderful too – all sorts of conifers. This one let out a cloud of pollen, like smoke when shaken. Old favorites like pink roses just coming into their own and cammomile daisies mixed in with colored grasses. “Like a Monet landscape” said Elizabeth. I am a lucky woman.

A Whole New World