First Harvest

 How delicious were these green peas picked from the garden yesterday! The potatoes are almost ready but when I noticed that the pods of these deliciosos were starting to get a bit thick I figured we’d better taste the first harvest! How nice they were cooked up with onions, garlic and a little tomato….not our tomatos yet, but they are coming! Very exciting, for the first time we are growing corn! The shape of the stalk and the cobs forming like little scaly fingers are a total revaluation! Irrigation was a problem for a while as it was so hot. Joe finally bought a water pump and we can now water like normal people with a hose instead of hauling buckets. There is an old disused well close to the plantation which holds water not fit to drink. However, the plants seem quite happy with it. More food pictures to follow.  Look, I’m turning into an Instagram lady!