Birch Veils




A chipmunk was was planning her wedding

Beside the dark cool summer lake.

She’d already collected her bedding

Delivered by Sidney the snake.


To set up her household so tidy

Deep down in the roots of a tree.

The wedding was set for next Friday

And who would play music?   A bee!


She’d plates of the finest flat pebbles

And pine twigs for furniture too.

The froggies would sing –  they were trebles

Just one thing was making her blue.


“My eyes are as bright as two pennies.

I’ve brushed up the fur of my tail.

My stripes are as pretty as any.

But what shall I do for a veil?”


The spiders heard chipmunk’s sad worry

They worked all the dark silent night.

They wove delicate veils in a hurry

To be sure the bride might look just right.


For the bridesmaids, ducklings all fluffy

Were some smaller veils delicate white.

And so that the groom didn’t get huffy

They coached him and helped him recite


His wedding vows up on the hill top

And while blue jay was ringing the bell

All the woodland folk  toasted with teardrops

And drank dew from a little nut shell.


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