Reward for going to early liturgy

And away we go..,,

Aaand away we go!

I was rewarded for going to early liturgy this morning by the thrilling sight of the famous botafumiero being swung to and fro in the cathedral. This huge incense burner used to fumigate the pilgrims in the Middle Ages. I’ve never heard of it being used anywhere else. I had a hint something was in the works when I saw an ornately dressed man taking the collection. This ritual is usually only done on holidays. November 1 was scheduled for the next “swinging moment” as it will be All Souls Day. However, it seems groups of pilgrims can sponsor a botafumiero and that’s what happened today. How lucky am I . I am not a very good video person so I did not get the full effect with the organ crashing away.

The rest of the day was a bit more mundane. I got my Covid test set up and trust it will be within Canada’s 72 hour limit.

I went to a wonderful park too and decided I get too overwhelmed with cities no matter how astonishing they are.

A different perspective on the cathedral

Finally I must confess that I rode on one of those little tourist trains that concentrated a lot on university buildings. I had no idea the university here was so prestigious. Tomorrow I think I will go to the natural history museum since I’ve already seen the university library where I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

OK go away everyone and get me a nice easy chair

3 thoughts on “Reward for going to early liturgy

  1. I saw that incense procedure when I did my mini Camino pilgrimage with French girls when I was 15! Very impressive! And I do have a little stamped “passport” that confirmed my pilgrimage, all handwritten and therefore precious! It is somewhere in Labelle perhaps?
    So your journey is almost over and you are coming home with a trunk full with of wonderful memories and experiences! What a treasure!


  2. It is an amazing sight. I have too been lucky enough to see this many times but unfortunately for peggy ,we could not get in this time so we settled for the evening mass


  3. I think I only got to see it because a group of Spanish pilgrims sponsored its appearance at a 9:30 mass just before they left for home. It was a total surprise! (Hint-when a guy in a medieval dress and tights outfit is taking collection -something is in the works) Anyway it was exciting and I was glad I had a few extra days in Santiago to visit museums and …. Get my Covid test in order!


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