Spring, this is who I am

 I don’t match. My colors are all wrong.
I’m the chaos you love to embrace.

I’m moody, tearful. I explode with joy and temper.

You long for me but I elude you.

Just when you think you’ve tamed me

My bossy sister, summer comes barging in.

Can’t stand her…..I’m outta here!

5 thoughts on “Spring, this is who I am

  1. It’s down the street. This is the garden of what used to be the rectory of St. John Bosco church. Come on, Matoushka, something to aim for. A cardinal and a crow just had a dispute over who should drink at my bird bath. The black-garbed cleric chased away the Prince of the church,


  2. always special thoughts! And great photo, I agree! I have the crows dominate our neighbourhood. We call them the mafia, haha!


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