Canadian weather rap




Montreal’s complainin’

Cause it just won’t stop rainin’

Yeah, April was a bummer and now it looks like summer

has gone and lost her way!

Oh, say…has anyone got lilac, or maybe we should

try our luck at tulips, some red and yellow tulips.

No! More than just a few lips

are sneering at this rain …it’s wet, you get it!

Bees are frowning cause they’re drowning in

the rain.

Winter’s long enough, with snow and ice and stuff

and now the Spring is draggin ‘. We’ll have to call her bluff.

Wear pink or silver glitter and stop that patter pitter.

Help that drenched magnolia to dance like a May pole

You’ll call up spring and see a bright sun ray pierce gray clouds

Some day, but not on this wet May Day!





2 thoughts on “Canadian weather rap

  1. I tried reading the po m in rap form, but kept switching to singing! Somehow, Spring and rap don’t mix, even when it’s so mixed up!


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